Dre Vanessa Tassé

Dre Vanessa Tassé

Dr. Vanessa Tassé is an adult and couples psychologist and a member of the College of Psychologists of Ontario, Interim Practice. For Dr. Tassé, psychology is not only a profession, but also a calling. From a very young age, Dr. Tassé knew she wanted to be a psychologist.

Her academic career has been marked by various experiences with different populations. Interpersonal relationships as well as physical and psychological health have always been at the heart of her practice. Dr. Tassé believes in the saying “healthy mind in a healthy body.” For her, “health” is an amalgam of different spheres of life, both in terms of physical health and psychological health (e.g., regulation of emotions according to context) as well as the quality of interpersonal relationships that are at the heart of each individual’s life. 

She completed her doctoral dissertation on the relationship between the quality of interpersonal relationships, anxiety and depression in cardiac patients. The results of her doctoral dissertation also highlight the importance between the different components of physical health, psychological health and quality of interpersonal relationships.

Dr. Tassé has experience in various approaches including emotionally focused therapy which has been empirically demonstrated to be an effective approach to help develop better relationships for both romantic and family/friendship relationships. In addition, Dr. Tassé has developed an interest in interpersonal trauma as well as personality development often associated with the quality of early relationships. She has also trained to treat anxiety disorders, depression, emotional management, relational difficulties as well as the inevitable bereavements of life.

She favours an integrative approach that is adapted and focused on the client’s needs, which may include emotion-focused therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, dialectical behavioural therapy, mindfulness and self-compassion. She also provides couple, individual and family therapy.

Because mental health is important:

To support her mental health, Dr. Tassé enjoys playing sports, having dinners with friends and family, reading, dancing and practising mindfulness.