Our Services


The Interdisciplinary Family Centre of Eastern Ontario offers different services. Below, you will find a summary representing the general roles of each professional working at the centre.


Conducts assessments on psychological functioning to better understand emotional, cognitive, behavioural and interpersonal difficulties.

Although he may have knowledge about medication, he cannot prescribe it. However, he may make a diagnosis and recommend treatments and interventions (e.g., psychotherapy).

Neuropsychologist (coming soon)

Conducts neurocognitive assessments that focus on better understanding the changes in the brain that affect behaviour.

Psychotherapist (coming soon)

Offers psychotherapy but cannot make a diagnosis.

Social Worker (coming soon)

Analyzes social situations and develops appropriate interventions based on his knowledge of how society works and the challenges it faces.

Speech and Language Therapist (coming soon)

Identifies, assesses, and uses interventions to treat language problems.

Occupational Therapist (coming soon)

Evaluates the activities (especially motor activities) in which the individual participates to promote his autonomy. In addition, he offers support to the individual in the various transitions experienced between activities.


Works with the individual to ensure his academic progress.

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