Private Consultation

A few examples of situations that can be addressed in a consultation:
– Child exposed to or witnessing domestic violence,
– Child or adolescent victim of sexual assault,
– Teenage pregnancy,
– Child experiencing difficulties in terms of sexual orientation or gender identity,
– Early sexualization of children,
– Problematic sexual behaviours in children,
– Sexual assault prevention*,
– Parental coaching for children’s sexuality education,
– Any other situation of concern to parents.

Support Groups

These groups offer parents the opportunity to openly discuss specific issues, all under the guidance of a professional who will make sure that they get the facts straight on the topics that will be discussed.
It is a great opportunity to share about one’s experiences in a safe and respectful environment, and to benefit from the experience of other parents who are going through similar situations.


These conferences aim to guide parents in the sexual education of their children or teenagers. They are adapted and different according to age groups: preschool, primary (1st cycle), primary (2nd cycle) and secondary. They address, among other things, the questions most often raised, key elements of psychosexual development, normal and problematic sexual behaviours, and concrete tools to facilitate this process.
The conference’s aim to increase parents’ sense of competence to provide children and adolescents with authentic and caring sex education.