Addiction & Substance Abuse


IFCEO is a great resource if you want to:

– Better understand addictive behaviors;

– Reduce the harmful effects of drug use;

– Work on relapse prevention;

– Find out more about the effects of drug use and the safe steps to wean yourself off (psychoeducation);

– Receive psychosocial support during the process of reducing consumption and establishing new habits;

– Receive therapeutic services to address the source of addictive behavior.


IFCEO is not a good resource if you have/want:

– Serious mental health problems requiring immediate specialized care;

– Active involvement in criminal behavior or legal problems that may interfere with the therapeutic process;

– Lack of willingness to participate in treatment or to be actively involved in therapy sessions (ensure voluntariness);

– Medical conditions requiring constant supervision or exceeding the capacity of the treatment facility;

– Lack of stable living conditions or a safe environment to support recovery efforts;

– Person with a history of non-compliance with previous addiction treatment programs;

– Person currently undergoing another intensive treatment program that may conflict with or compromise the addiction counseling process;

– Person presenting a significant risk of harm to self or others and requiring immediate psychiatric or medical intervention;

– People requiring supervised withdrawal to reduce their consumption safely (this point applies specifically to people with high and frequent alcohol consumption);

These criterias are established to ensure that addiction therapy and counseling are effective and safe for both the person seeking help and the therapists providing care. They help ensure that treatment resources are allocated to those who can benefit the most.