Langage Stimulation & Pedagogical Intervention


IFCEO is proud to offer individual or group tutoring and homework assistance for children and adolescents in a stimulating environment that promotes success. The IFCEO will first communicate with you by telephone to discuss the individual’s needs. The following meetings will provide academic support to each individual or group in order to help them in their academic progress.

Pedagogical intervention provides targeted support for students with specific needs or learning difficulties. These services are designed to offer individualized support to help students overcome academic obstacles, strengthen their skills in certain subjects, or progress along their educational path. Pedagogical interventions can include homework support sessions, remedial programs and teaching strategies tailored to the needs of each individual learner. The main objective of an educational intervention service is to optimize each student’s learning potential and foster academic success.

Our language stimulation services are designed to help children develop their language skills in a fun and effective way. They provide personalized support to meet each child’s individual needs. Through interactive, developmentally appropriate sessions, we work on language development, pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar and comprehension, while fostering their confidence and enjoyment of language learning. Using proven techniques and stimulating activities, our main aim is to help children acquire the language skills they need to communicate effectively and succeed in their educational and social careers.

For more information regarding tutoring or homework assistance, please call IFCEO at (343) 200-3002 or please fill out the “Consultation Request” form in the “Contact Us” section of the website.